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Kibbee Cookout

Kibbee Cookout Prep- May 4th at 11am- come help in the kitchen please.
Kibbee Cookout- May 5th – workers are needed in the kitchen and at the grills at 9am!

Join us for the Annual Picnic! We will have a bounce house and inflatable slide, snow cones, cotton candy, a cupcake walk and the annual raffle. Join us for a delicious lunch of kibbee, chicken, rice, lubi, salad, laban, and spinach pies. The lunch line opens at noon.

Due to increased cost of ingredients, price for sides and spinach pies is increasing by $0.50. We appreciate your understanding. Come visit cousins and friends new and old! Kibbe pre-orders using this link Use this link below to pre-order by Wednesday 5/1

Kibbee Cookout
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