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The Salaam Club of Florida was founded in Jacksonville, FL in 1912 by proud Americans of Syrian and Lebanese descent. Their mission was to embrace the United States with their assimilation and allegiance, because America provided them and their future generations a new life of hope: a hope founded upon principles of freedom, equality and opportunity. Our club honors our mutual heritage by gathering together for social, charitable and cultural events. We offer a full slate of activities for families, young adults and those who are young at heart. We are on our 5th generation!

What We Believe
The Salaam Club is an organization which combines our Americanism with the culture of Syria and Lebanon: strong traditions of belief in God, sense of family, love of heritage and willingness to serve each other. We believe life is better lived together. The Salaam Club recognizes the diverse religious and political beliefs of its members and therefore does not promote or foster any sectarian, religious or political movements.

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Salaam Club of Florida

 8101 Beach Blvd.

Jacksonville, FL 32216

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Annual Raffle

The Raffle is sold out! Join us Sunday 5/21 for the raffle drawing. Winners not present will be contacted to pick up their prizes. 

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If you have happy news you would like to share with our members- marriage, births, graduations- email us so we can include your news in the bulletin.

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